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«Agromix» company – a reliable supplier of the mineral fertilizers and the plant protection products.

Our target is to provide customers with high-quality products that can effectively address the nutrition and plant protection issues.

Mineral fertilizers

«Agromix» company offers a wide range of mineral fertilizers. We provide agrarians with high-quality products for feeding various types of crops.

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Fertilizer mixtures

«Agromix» company is one of the leading producers of fertilizer mixtures in Ukraine. Our range of products includes a vast choice of complex fertilizers (their mixtures) with different ratios of nutrients. We also make custom fertilizer mixtures upon separate orders. 

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About the Company

We provide commodity producers with high-quality products and a wide range of related services: consulting on the selection of fertilizers and their application, the production of complex fertilizers individually for the needs of the economy, transport and warehousing services etc.

«Agromix» has been operating since 2005, constantly improving the range of products and services. This allows us to maintain a reliable partnership with leading domestic agricultural businesses. Delivery of products is carried out all over Ukraine and for export.


The warehouse services of «Agromix» include a complex of measures on storage and service of goods in own warehouse complex.


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Expedition of goods by rail

«Agromix» company provides services for the transport of mineral fertilizers by rail. We organize the transportation and accompany the movement of cargo to your destination. 

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Packing of mineral fertilizers

«Agromix» company offers services on packing and palletisation of mineral fertilizers. Own capacities and modern equipment allow us to pack products in containers of various volumes.

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  • What does the availability of plant nutrients depend on?

    The fertilization of agricultural plants with mineral fertilizers is an integral and extremely important part of agrarian technology. However, in some cases, its efficiency can be not be as expected.

    20 December 2018

  • Herbicide application features

    To achieve high productivity in growing crops, it is required not only to feed them in time with fertilizers, but also to provide for the reliable protection against weeds. In the large household scale, it is practically impossible to do it manually. Therefore, chemical protection agents - herbicides come to the aid of the agrarians.

    20 December 2018

  • TOP-5 most essential microelements for corn

    To ensure the healthy growth and high productivity, corn, in addition to the main macroelements, requires a number of other minerals. Small amounts of them are required, but this in no way diminishes their importance for crop development and productivity formation.

    20 December 2018

Thinking about
the harvest

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Legal address: 120/4, Cossacska St, Kyiv, 03022
The address of the production base: 59, St Velykosnitynsʹka, Fastiv