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About the Company

«Agromix» group of companies – your support on the way to a highly profitable agrarian enterprise.

«Agromix» group of companies – a producer of complex mineral fertilizers, which is presented in the agrarian market of Ukraine since 2005.

We provide the commodity producers with high-quality and efficient products, which are aimed at increasing the yield and profitability of agricultural business.

Main types of activities 

  • production of complex mineral fertilizers – fertilizer mixtures with various NPK proportions;
  • supplying the wide range of mineral fertilizers, microfertilizers and biofertilizers;
  • storage and packing of agrochemicals or leasing the warehouses (Kyiv Region, Fastiv);
  • expedition of cargoes by rail, as well as customs clearance of products at the rail station Fastiv-1 and Fastiv customs post of Kyiv region.

Cooperation with foreign countries

The Company has been working on a permanent basis with foreign producers of mineral fertilizers for a long time. Among them are the ones from Belarus, Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Finland, Lithuania etc.

Our team consists of the highly qualified specialists with a higher profile education and a wealth of practical experience in cultivating crops. This allows us not only to provide agrarians with mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, but also to provide professional advice on their application. Our specialists develop the protection systems and fertilizers, pick up the optimum technologies for growing grain, leguminous, technical and oilseed crops.

Thinking about the harvest

Phone numbers:

+38 096 444 29 36
+38 044 499 19 10

Legal address: 120/4, Cossacska St, Kyiv, 03022
The address of the production base: 59, St Velykosnitynsʹka, Fastiv
E-mail: [email protected]
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