Ammonia water

Аміачна вода (NH2OH) - рідке азотне добриво, що використовується на всіх типах ґрунтів.

Ammonia water (NH2OH) - a liquid nitrogen fertilizer, used on all types of soils. Serves as basic nutrition of the agricultural plants. It is one of the main nitrogen sources for plants throughout the vegetation season.

Ammonia solution enriches the crops with protein, stimulates the growth of green matter, promotes better and quick assimilation of nitrogen. The fertilizer has the alkaline reaction, therefore, it affects the acidity of the soil and prevents soil pests. 

Waiting period and autumn are the most favourable time for ammonia water application. Ammonia solution application technique provides for placing the fertilizer to the soil to the depth of 10-15 cm. 

The application of ammonia water helps to obtain high and stable crops with improved quality of products, as well as the conservation and reproduction of soil fertility.

The cost of a unit of active substance in ammonia water is 1.5 - 2 times cheaper than in ammonium nitrate, and the use of fertilizers requires 2 times less labour costs.

Physical-and-chemical properties

Chemical formula of ammonia water – NH3H2O
Water solution of ammonia with alkaline reaction. Colourless or light yellow liquid with a sharp smell. Contains about 30% ammonia (24.6% nitrogen and 70% water).

Storage conditions

Ammonia water it causes a slight corrosion of steel parts and quickly destroys non-ferrous metal products. Therefore special equipment, made of steel and ferrous metals, is necessary for storage, transportation and use of this fertilizer. 

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