Ammophos 12:52

Ammophos 12:52 – a concentrated no-nitrate nitrogen-and-phosphorus fertilizer, used on all types of soils.

It is applied for basic application and nutrition. It is used to provide phosphorous to grain, technical, vegetable and decorative plants. Especially useful for spring crops in the early vegetation stages.

The positive effect of using ammophos 12:52 is the improvement of the phosphate soil regime, stimulation of the growth of crops and development of their root system. Fertilizer promotes the rapid formation of plant shoots and leaves, as well as increases the resistance of plants to drought and diseases. 

Fertilizer is recommended to be applied in protected soil conditions. Ammophos 12:52 enriches the soil not only with phosphorus but also with nitrogen. Therefore, it is especially effective in arid regions, where soils are characterized by an acute shortage of nitrogen. 
Ammophos 12:52 is a component for producing the fertilizer mixtures.

Physical-and-chemical properties

Composition of ammophos 12:52 includes nitrogen and phosphorus in 12 to 52 proportion. 
Appearance of product – round white-grey granules. Bulk weight - 990-1000 kg/m3. Processed with the anti-dust agent. Physiologically neutral. Water-soluble. Not hygroscopic, non-setting up. Has the equalized granulometric composition.

Characteristics and composition of limestone-ammonium nitrate

Indicator designation Normal value
Premium grade First grade
Mass fraction, %:
  • nitrogen (N)
12±1 12±1
  • consumed phosphates (Р2О5)
min 52 50±1
  • water-soluble phosphates (Р2О5)
min 48 min 46
  • moisture (Н2О)
Mass fraction of granules, %: less than 1 mm - max 31
4 mm - min 95
less than 6 mm - 100
Statistical solidity, MPa: min 3
Friability, %: 100

Storage conditions

Ammophos 12:52 is available in packaging and unpacked (bulk). Available types of packing: soft specialized single-use containers (per 800 kg) and 5 kg polyethylene bags.

The fertilizer is transported by all types of transport: rail; water; automobile. Stored in dry warehouses. 

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