«Agromix» company offers agricultural producers a wide range of fertilizers. Among them are both the traditional mineral products and the newest means of enrichment of soils. Biofertilizers are among them.

Biofuel is a plant nutrition means, which includes living organisms (fungi, bacteria). They enrich the soil with nutrients, enter into symbiosis with crops, promoting their development. 

Composition of biofertilizers may include various microorganisms:

  • tuberous bacteria (producing nitrogen, selected for certain crops);
  • nitrogen bacteria (producing nitrogen, universal for all crops);
  • phosphobacteria (producing phosphorus) etc.

Role of biofertilizers

Bacteria, contained in biofertilizers, have a double positive effect on plants:

  • stimulate growth due to the synthesis of useful substances;
  • displace the harmful microflora, which inhibits the growth of crops.

As a result of the use of bio fertilizer, the productivity of crops and the quality of products increases. Plants become resistant to adverse weather conditions and diseases. Bacteria of biofertilizers ensure reliable protection against many pathogenic microorganisms.

The application of biofertilizers for vegetable crops contributes to the formation of large mass and good quality fruits. Decorative plants have abundant and prolonged flowering. 

Advantages of biofertilizers

  • applied for all types of plants: agricultural, vegetables, decorative;
  • safe for the environment;
  • highly active in small concentrations;
  • compatible with other drugs;
  • ease to use.

Biofertilizer is an alternative to a large number of traditional plant nutrition means. Taking into account all advantages, biofertilizers can be considered as the promising means of fertilizing plants. They confidently gain popularity on the world and Ukrainian markets.

How to buy

For more information and ordering the biofertilizers, contact by tel. (044) 499-19-10, +38 050 355 39 75 or send an e-mail request to [email protected].


If you need high-quality and efficient bio-fuels, «Agromix» specialists will offer effective products for your farm. 

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