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РК 5:55 phosphate-and-potassium fertilizer

РК 5:55 phosphate-and-potassium fertilizer serves to provide agricultural crops with two important nutrients - phosphorus and potassium.

It is used by the method of basic, at sowing application and as a fertilizing of various types of plants, including the decorative ones.  

Phosphate-and-potassium fertilizer promotes more active accumulation of sugars and vitamins in plant tissues, therefore its application leads to increase of productivity and improvement of quality of finished products. Fertilizer ensures the stability of crops to drought and frosts, promotes long-term storage.

Use of potassium fertilizers ensures the maximum effect, provided that the plants are adequately fed with nitrogen and phosphorus. Phosphate-and-potassium fertilizer allows to enrich the soil simultaneously both with phosphorus and potassium.

The product can be used not only for the direct feeding, but as well as a component for the fertilizing mixtures.

Physical-and-chemical properties

The product is in the form of granules from white to grey or pink with different shades.
Content of active substances in РК 5:55 phosphate-and-potassium fertilizer:

  • mass fraction of general phosphates in terms of Р2О5 – 5±1%;
  • mass fraction of potassium in terms of К2О – not less than 55±1%.

Storage conditions

Nitrogen-and-phosphate fertilizer does not set up and does not lose its properties provided it is properly stored. To ensure this, the moderate temperature and prevention of moisture entrapment should be provided for in warehouses. 

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