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Fertilizer mixtures

«Agromix» company is one of the leading producers of fertilizer mixtures in Ukraine. Our range of products includes a vast choice of complex fertilizers (their mixtures) with different ratios of nutrients. We also make custom fertilizer mixtures upon separate orders. 

Fertilizer mixtures have a significant advantage over simple fertilizers – they contain no fixed amount of nutrients, but the one, required for the soil to produce the planned yield. The content and proportion of nutrients in fertilizer mixtures meets the needs of crops and the agro-technical properties of soils.

Production of the fertilizer mixtures on the own production of «Agromix» company

Fertilizing mixtures from «Agromix» are made by dry mixing of ordinary fertilizers in accordance with high requirements to their chemical and physical properties. Following minerals are the components of a fertilizer mixture:

  • carbamide,
  • ammonium nitrate,
  • ammophos,
  • potassium chloride etc.

These compounds have the even granulometric composition and high solubility. By their mechanical mixing, a complex fertilizer with the desired component proportion is formed.

NPK fertilizer mixtures from «Agromix» are manufactured with a minimum margin of error in the content of nutrients. Such a high quality of products is achieved through the use of modern equipment and the observance of production technological stages. 

Advantages of fertilizer mixtures


  • low price of the active substance unit, which proves the high payback of fertilizers;
  • costs for loading, storage, as well as fertilizer application are lowered by 2-3 times.

Economical – reduction of the terms of application that ensures compliance with agro-technology of growing crops.

Agro-technical – the technology of making fertilizer mixtures allows to get products with different ratios N : P : K, according to the soil condition and the needs of the plants.


Fertilizer mixture delivery conditions – shipment by rail in the railcar capacity batches or delivery to farms by trucks in the vehicle capacity batches.

Packing: 50 kg bags or 1000 kg big bags.

Address of «Agromix» production base: Kyiv region, Fastiv.

Map of the passage to the production base "Agromix":


To order mineral fertilizers and get more detailed information, please contact our managers by tel. (044) 499-19-10, +38 050 355 39 75 or by sending an e-mail request to [email protected].


Mineral fertilizers are delivered throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Products are delivered to our customers in the shortest possible time, accompanied by the required documents.

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Phone numbers:

+38 096 444 29 36
+38 044 499 19 10

Legal address: 120/4, Cossacska St, Kyiv, 03022
The address of the production base: 59, St Velykosnitynsʹka, Fastiv
E-mail: [email protected]
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