Phosphorite meal

Phosphorite meal is the basis for fertilizer mixtures.

Phosphorite meal is a long-acting mineral phosphate fertilizer for application on acid soils, because the acidity of such soils contributes to the dissolution of phosphorous of phosphorite meal to available for plants forms. Phosphorite meal decomposes gradually and phosphorus is being assimilated by plants for several years. It can be used for all crops.

The action of phosphorite meal:

  • promotes higher crop yields,
  • increases the resistance of plants in front of various diseases,
  • increases the content of sugar in root crops and starch in tubers and provides increased protein content in the grain.
  • increases the winter resistance of winter crops and clover

Phosphorite meal has good bulkiness, is not hygroscopic, has long storage period, neither clods nor clumps without access of atmospheric precipitation and does not lose physical and chemical properties. Fertilizer is insoluble in water, non-toxic, fire and explosion-proof.

When applied to the soil Phosphorous flour reduces the harmful to plants and microorganisms soil acidity, therefore, its application is irreplaceable to sour, sod-podzol soils, and to enrich the leached chernozem soils.

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