Carbamide-ammonium mixture (КАС-32) – mixture of the carbamide and ammonia nitrate solutions.

The fertilizer contains nitrogen in three forms at the same time: ammonium, amide and nitrate. This is its main difference from the rest of the nitrogen fertilizers.

Carbamide-ammonium mixture is a valuable fertilizer for foliar nutrition, especially in the cultivation of cereals with intensive technology.
КАС-32 promotes increase of crop yields and growth of vegetative mass. The fertilizer also has a positive effect on the fertility of all soil types.
КАС-32 action mechanism is that one form of nitrogen is converted into another in the time required by plants. This allows for a lasting positive effect, since the plants receive nitrogen virtually all stages of its growth.

КАС-32 does not contain free ammonia, which eliminates nitrogen losses during transportation, storage, introduction into the soil.
КАС-32 application in agriculture does not require expensive and complex equipment. 

Physical-and-chemical properties

Liquid fertilizer with extended action time, nitrogen content of 32% (in ammonium, amide and nitrate forms).

Storage conditions

КАС-32 belongs to fire and explosive substances, therefore, it requires the special conditions for transportation and storage. For transportation and storage the equipment, intended for liquid complex fertilizers, is required.

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