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Nitrogen mineral fertilizers

We offer the high-quality and efficient means for feeding crops with nitrogen.

Ammonium sulphate

ТУ У 00203826.014-96

Ammonium sulphate is one of the basic nitrogen mineral fertilizers.


Carbamide N 46%, B brand (GOST 2081-92)


Carbamide-ammonium mixture (КАС-32) – mixture of the carbamide and ammonia nitrate solutions.

Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate B brand (GOST 2-85). Packing for retail sale as per TU U 6-05761620.026-2000

Limestone-ammonium nitrate

Universal fertilizer containing a complex of components important for plants: nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

Ammonia water

Аміачна вода (NH2OH) - рідке азотне добриво, що використовується на всіх типах ґрунтів.


To order mineral fertilizers and get more detailed information, please contact our managers by tel. (044) 499-19-10, +38 050 355 39 75 or by sending an e-mail request to [email protected]


Mineral fertilizers are delivered throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad. Products are delivered to our customers in the shortest possible time, accompanied by the required documents.

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