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Complex mineral fertilizers

We offer agrarian enterprises the high-quality and effective plant nutrition means, namely nitroammophoska and diammophoska.

Complex mineral fertilizers – an important segment in the range of «Agromix» company. 


Nitroammophoska – universal complex fertilizer, which consists of three key elements of plant nutrition: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.


Diammophoska (diammonium phosphate) – a nitrogen-phosphate-potassium fertilizer with high concentration of nutrients.


Superahro NPK - Highly effective complex mineral fertilizer containing all the basic nutrients necessary for the growth and development of plants - nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, as well as trace elements: Borium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Molybdenum. 

 Complex fertilizers have a number of advantages over the ordinary feeds:

  • they are applied on various soil types;
  • they are effective for different types of crops;
  • each granule contains a complex of nutrients;
  • fertilizer components are easily digested by plants;
  • the products contain less ballast substances;
  • they require less transportation and application costs.

This type of fertilizer allows agricultural businesses to optimize the fertilizer application process and provide plants with a whole range of nutrients.   

«Agromix» company supplies complex fertilizers throughout Ukraine through rail and road transport. Depending on the needs of the farm, packaging of products is performed in containers of various sizes.


For more information and ordering the complex fertilizers, contact «Agromix» specialists by tel. (044) 499-19-10, +38 050 355 39 75 or send an e-mail request to

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