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Phosphorus mineral fertilizers

«Agromix» company provide agrarian enterprises with an effective source of phosphorus  – ammophos 12:52.

Phosphate fertilizers from «Agromix» – universal products for enrichment of various soil types. It is used for the basic fertilization of land and fertilization of crops in the process of their development. 

Phosphate fertilizers are delivered throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad. At the customer’s request, phosphate fertilizers can be packed in containers of various types and sizes: soft special 800 kg big bags or 5 kg polyethylene bags.

Ammophos 12:52

Ammophos 12:52 – a concentrated no-nitrate nitrogen-and-phosphorus fertilizer, used on all types of soils.

Superphosphate simple granulated 19%

Superphosphate is a traditional phosphoric mineral fertilizer.

Triple superphosphate 46%

Triple superphosphate triple P-46%+Ca+S - a mineral fertilizer, obtained as a result of the decomposition of natural phosphates, is called superphosphate.

Superphosphate double ammoniated 9:30

Superphosphate ammoniated NPS 9:30:9. Concentrated granulated fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur in assimilated form. 

Phosphorite meal

Phosphorite meal is the basis for fertilizer mixtures.

Contact the sales department of «Agromix» to order the phosphorous fertilizers by tel. (044) 499-19-10, (050) 442-93-37 or send an e-mail request to

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