Nitroammophoska – universal complex fertilizer, which consists of three key elements of plant nutrition: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

The product allows to maintain the necessary level of mineral substances in the soil, which is an important condition for the development of crops and the formation of a crop.

Fertilizer shows the most noticeable effect when used for grain and leguminous crops, for feeding fowls, rape, corn and garden plants. The product is easy to use, it does not require immediate placement into the soil. It is used as the basic (pre-sowing), at sowing (row) fertilizer and for nutrition during the growing season of annual plants.

Nitroammophoska helps to increase yields, gives the stem strength, reduces the risk of damage to root rot, powdery mildew, rust, and also increases the resistance of plants to frost. 

The product is compatible with other fertilizers. It can be used as a composite component in production of fertilizer mixtures.

Physical-and-chemical indicators

Fertilizer is not hygroscopic, it does not set up, it has 100% friability.  Good water solubility, 
Nutrient content in nitroammophoska fertilizer 16-16-16:

  • 15.5% of nitrogen (N);
  • 15.7% of general phosphates (Р2О5);
  • 16.9% of potassium (К2О);
  • 6% of general sulphates SO4 (in terms of sulphur);
  • 1% of water (Н2О);
  • 48.1% total amount of nutrients.

Storage conditions

Nitroammophoska can be transported easily. It is stored in warehouses protected from precipitation and groundwater. The product belongs to the category of explosive substances, therefore it requires isolation from the high temperature impact.

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