Ammonium sulphate

TU U 00203826.014-96

Ammonium sulphate is one of the basic nitrogen mineral fertilizers.

Its composition, besides nitrogen, includes sulphur – an element, which is important for plant nutrition. Application of ammonium sulphate can increase the yield by 40%.

The fertilizer is universal for practically all crops: cereals and technical plants, vegetables and fruit trees. Recommended for use in all climatic conditions.

Ammonium sulphate prevents the accumulation of nitrates in soil and products, reduces the radionuclide content in plants by 2 times, heavy metal content - 1.7 times due to the ammonia form of nitrogen. It can be used in contaminated areas. 

Ammonium sulphate is a physiologically acidic fertilizer. Its introduction allows to acidify the environment, which contributes to the better assimilation of soil nutrients.

The advantage of ammonium sulphate is its high efficiency and significantly lower price compared to other types of nitrogen fertilizers.

Physical-and-chemical properties 

Granulated substance with prolonged action and insecticidal properties. The fertilizer is low hygroscopic, well soluble in water. 

Characteristics and composition of sulphate ammonia

Indicator designation Normal value, %
Content of nitrogen in terms of dry matter, not less than 21
Content of free sulphuric acid, not more than 0,03
Mass fraction of moisture, not more than 0,2
Mass fraction of the water-insoluble residue, not more than 0,02

Storage conditions

Ammonium sulphate is stored in the packed form. The stored fertilizer does not set up and dissipates well.
Guaranteed storage life is 6 months from the manufacture date.

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