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Packing of mineral fertilizers

«Agromix» company offers services on packing and palletisation of mineral fertilizers. Own capacities and modern equipment allow us to pack products in containers of various volumes.
  • 500 kg big bags
  • 800 kg big bags
  • 1000 kg big bags
  • 50 kg bags

Following types of fertilizers are accepted for packing: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, complex. We ensure the reliable packaging of products and accurate dosing in each packaging unit.

In addition to packing, we provide for the storage and transportation services. The railway track is brought to our packing station, which allows us to receive bulk products for processing.

Pre-packaged mineral fertilizers are stored at the road-to-rail warehouse, which is equipped specially for goods transhipment and storage. Warehouses are equipped with palletisation and shelf systems.

By ordering the process of packing mineral fertilizers for our company, you will be able to use the complex of related services and get quality packed products.

For the issues of the mineral fertilizer packing services contact «Agromix» by tel. +38 044 499 19 10, +38 050 355 39 75, [email protected].

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