Potassium chloride

Potassium chloride – universal concentrated fertilizer belonging to the group of potassium-based plant treatment means.

Used for the supplementary fertilizing of different types of crops. Potatoes, sugar beet, barley, sunflower, buckwheat, millet and some kinds of vegetables are the crops, which are the most demanding in terms of potassium consumption.

Fertilizer demonstrates special efficiency when used in the turf-podzolic and peat-and-marsh soils. To mitigate the negative effects of chlorine contained in fertilizer, it is introduced in autumn in course of ploughing. To maintain the potassium level in the fertile layer it is recommended to use fertilizer annually. 

Potassium chloride increases the resistance of plants to frost, droughts, diseases, insect pests. It counteracts the accumulation of radionuclides in plant tissues, reduces the nitrate concentration, improves the quality of commodity products and ensures their long-term storage. 

The highest efficiency of potassium fertilizers is achieved when integrated with nitrogen and phosphorus. On acid soils, it is advisable to make liming for the best effect of potassium chloride. The proportion of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers depends on the availability of exchangeable forms of potassium in the soil, biological and varietal-genetic features of crops, predecessor, agrotechnics, planned yields and soil-climatic conditions.

Physical-and-chemical properties

Chemical formula of potassium chloride – КСІ.
Composition of nutrients: 60% of potassium К2О and 0.5% of water Н2О. 
The fertilizer is in form of granules, water-soluble. 

Storage conditions

Due to its high hygroscopicity, the fertilizer must be stored in enclosed spaces with proper protection from rainfall and groundwater influences. It is recommended to keep the product outdoors in tightly closed containers or polyethylene bags under the canopy. 

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