«Agromix» company offers various kinds of microfertilizers of leading manufacturers. The products provide plants with the necessary trace elements that have a positive effect on growth, crop development and crop formation.

Microfertilizers are divided into different species, depending on their main element. The most common types include boric, molybdenum and copper. Also, modern industry produces complex microfertilizers, containing a set of micronutrients. 

Role of microfertilizers

For normal growth and development, crops must receive enough of the main nutrients - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. However, these substances provide only basic needs. Trace elements are also needed by plants for the high yields and to ensure the resistance against negative factors. Among them are molybdenum, iron, boron, zinc and manganese. 

Microelements serve as catalysts for metabolic processes in plant tissues. Due to the use of microfertilizers, plants absorb more nutrients and effectively use them. This causes higher yield and improved agricultural production indicators. 

Microfertilizer application advantages 

  • they contain the trace nutrients in the form, which is the most easy for the plants to consume;
  • they are well dissolved in water and quickly absorbed by plants;
  • they have a minimum toxicity level;
  • they are able to be combined with basic fertilizers;
  • they are efficient even in the acidic soils.

Each type of plant has its own need for micronutrients. Therefore, the selection of microfertilizers should be based on individual peculiarities of culture, characteristics of the soil and the region of cultivation. 

Specialists of «Agromix» select the best microfertilizers and give recommendations on their use in fertilizing systems.

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