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«Agromix» company is a supplier of mineral fertilizers and PPP of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers. We have been working for a long time on a permanent basis with such foreign producers, as the ones from Poland, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Finland, Lithuania etc.

At request of our clients, our specialists develop the complex fertilizers - fertilizing mixtures. The production of a fertilizing mixture is performed at our own facilities by the separate order.

Mineral fertilizers

«Agromix» company offers a wide range of mineral fertilizers. We provide agrarians with high-quality products for feeding various types of crops.

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Fertilizer mixtures

«Agromix» company is one of the leading producers of fertilizer mixtures in Ukraine. Our range of products includes a vast choice of complex fertilizers (their mixtures) with different ratios of nutrients. We also make custom fertilizer mixtures upon separ

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«Agromix» company offers various kinds of microfertilizers of leading manufacturers. The products provide plants with the necessary trace elements that have a positive effect on growth, crop development and crop formation.

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«Agromix» company offers agricultural producers a wide range of fertilizers. Among them are both the traditional mineral products and the newest means of enrichment of soils. Biofertilizers are among them.

Crop protection products

Protecting plants against weeds and harmful microorganisms is an integral part of modern agro-technology. Correct and timely crop processing allows to avoid crop losses and prevents a wide range of dangerous plant diseases. But this goal is achieved only w

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