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The warehouse services of «Agromix» include a complex of measures on storage and service of goods in own warehouse complex.

We perform the acceptance of goods, loading, handling of products (packing, packaging) and other related services.  

Warehouse complex of «Agromix» is located in Fastiv district of Kyiv region. 

The cargo owners can dispose the roofed premises and the open concrete screed areas. The warehouses are intended for storage of various types of mineral fertilizers and plant protection products. They meet the required quality standards for fire safety and temperature control.

The warehouses of «Agromix» company are equipped specially for storage and handling of goods. The complex has a railway track, which simplifies the process of delivering goods of different volumes. The premises are equipped with pallet and shelving systems, which allow to store the goods of various configurations and dimensions. 

Warehousing services of «Agromix» company include:

  • Reception and dispatch of goods by rail.
  • Storage of cargo in shelving and pallet systems.
  • Packing of products in the big bags and bags.
  • Packaging of cargo on pallets using stretch film (palletisation services).
  • Loading and unloading works.
  • Cargo consolidation.

Warehouse services from «Agromix» allow agribusiness companies to reduce the costs for warehouse arrangement and cargo handling operations.

Moreover, we provide for the following benefits to the cargo owners:

  • round-the-clock functioning of the warehouse complex;
  • responsible storage of mineral fertilizers and PPP under appropriate conditions;
  • reliable protection and the product access control.

For the issues of warehouse services contact «Agromix» by tel. +38 044 499 19 10, +38 050 355 39 75 or send an e-mail request to [email protected].

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